Integrate Zoom meetings with your MeetingPulse meetings so your audience can see and hear you! Your attendees will automatically join both Zoom and MeetingPulse meetings from your meeting link ( They'll see Zoom and engage with you on MeetingPulse, all in the same browser. 

It is important not to use Incognito windows when MeetingPulse is embedded in your website,

Enable the integration

To enable Zoom Integration for your meeting, follow the steps below:

On MeetingPulse:

  1. Go to the Features list.
  2. Click on the Video Settings
  3. Toggle Third-Party Video and switch to Zoom.

4. Add the ID of the Zoom meeting you'd like to use. It is important to add the number only (i.e., 4878197451), with no spaces (487 819 7451) or dashes (487-819-7451), and the meeting password (if any).

Zoom Integration Best Practices:

Now your Zoom integration is ready, let's look at a few practice steps to ensure your attendees and presenters' seamless experience. 

For Presenter

If you're the meeting host, you can use the Zoom client to start the meeting. For the best admin experience, we recommend using Zoom and MeedingPulse admin (presenter view) side-by-side.

Best browsers for attendees

For best results with the Zoom integration (video and audio), ask your audience to use the Chrome browser, or Microsoft Edge Chromium ( any release after January 15th, 2020), as audio is only supported in Chromium-based browsers.

Signing into Zoom 

By default, Zoom requires attendees to be logged in to join meetings. This may cause an issue with the Integration, as each attendee would need to have their own Zoom account to join the meeting, and they would be required to either login to their Zoom account beforehand or log in to Zoom from within the MeetingPulse meeting. 

To overcome this setup, you need to turn off "only authenticated users can join meetings from web client" from Zoom settings. Here's how you can do that:

On Zoom:

  1. Login to 
  2. From your dashboard, Click on Settings >> Meetings (

3. Scroll down to find "Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web Client" and make sure it's turned OFF

This will allow attendees to join your Zoom meeting from MeetingPulse without needing a Zoom account or needing to login to Zoom beforehand.  

Password protect your Zoom meeting 

If you want to add more security to your Zoom meeting and eliminate the possibility of anyone joining the Zoom meeting directly, you can protect the meeting with a password; here's how to set up password protection for your zoom meetings.

When using a password protected Zoom meeting with MeetingPulse, add the password in the "Password" field.

Password protect your MeetingPulse meeting

If you're concerned about security, you can use a password to protect your MeetingPulse meeting. This combines well with the Zoom password integration, so your audience only needs to enter one password.

To add a password to your MeetingPulse meeting:

  1. Go to the Settings tab in your meeting.
  2. Click on Access and Identity, and toggle ON the "Require Password" option.
  3. And simply the password in the password field.
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