Go to the Schedule page and download the CSV file template. This will give you a CSV file to start from. 

Here's what you'll see:

Make the changes you want and save the file as a CSV. Below, you'll find a guide to what goes into each column.

Here's an example with 5 sessions.

Next, click Upload Schedule CSV. It will prompt you that all your current sessions will be removed, so make sure there’s nothing in the system that you want.

Select your updated file and load it. The sessions will show up immediately:


Here’s the attendee view:

CSV Fields

groupID: a number

Each session should have a separate number

bookingID: Leave this blank

Bookable: TRUE/FALSE

Allow attendees to add this session to their personal agenda

color: HEX value

The color for the session title

description: text

A longer description of what the session is about.

featured: TRUE/FALSE

If true, this puts the session in a separate box and makes it appear on all agendas.

location: text

Where the session will be held

presenter: text

The name of the presenter (can be left blank)

title: text

The name of the session

startDate: ISO 8601

This is the date and time when the session starts. 

endDate: ISO 8601

This is the date and time when the session ends.

capacity: number

This is how many attendees can book this on their personal agenda (or the capacity of the room, if it’s not bookable.) 


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