How do I interpret the results of preference order polls?

In general, the closer the answer percentages toward the middle 50%, the more even the results are across every voter. Actual values won't matter a lot otherwise, so sorting by the % descending will just give you the general preference order.

If one option has a score of 100%, then that means that everyone put that option on top, as their #1 preference.
If an option has a score of 0%, then everyone put that score on the bottom, as their last preference.
When you have a score of 50%, that could mean that everyone ranked the option in the middle. Or it could mean that half your audience rated that option as their #1 preference and half rated it at the bottom. 

Another example would be that everyone picks the same preference order. Again, the top rated one would be 100%. The rest will be 100% - rank/number of options. So, the second favorite out of 5 would be 100% - (2/5)*100, or 60%.
The third would be 100% - 100*3/5, or 40%
The fourth would be 100% - 100*4/5, or 20%
And again, the bottom rated would would be 0%.

Note: The CSV export will show you the exact order selected by each attendee.

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