Each attendee you invite must be uploaded and have a code generated. When the attendee opens the meeting, they must submit their code. Their names will show up under Q&A and in reporting.

You can use Invite Attendees to upload custom data, generate individual passcodes and even email your audience. 

To use attendee codes:

Upload simple list of attendees

  1. Start by downloading a template linked in the instruction text by going to Settings > Invite attendees > Manage Attendees. (Format will be email,firstName,lastName).

2. Put the names/emails of the attendees you want to invite below the first header row. (Tip: Include 1 test attendee with an email you can check.) Don't include any other data.

[email protected],Jane,Doe

4. Upload the CSV using the green Upload button. 

Require access codes for login

Under Settings -> Invite attendees -> View, select Require unique access codes. Here you can also see the individual access codes.

Add custom data for attendees

To add the custom attendee data, switch to the Attendee data tab. Click “Download a CSV template”. 

This will give you a CSV with the attendee codes and user IDs. 

Add columns for each custom data field you want to give attendees. The column name should not have any spaces or slashes. Enter the data for each attendee. When your file is ready, click on “Upload CSV with attendee data” and upload your file.

6. Switch to View attendees and confirm you have the attendees you need with individual access codes.

7. At this point, you can either send them emails through MeetingPulse, or use an external tool.

Send emails through MeetingPulse

To send emails with the codes through MeetingPulse, select Invite by email

  1. Type in the message you like. Include one of the uploaded emails as a test to confirm the invitation.
  2. You can add custom invitation text as well.
  3. Click Send Invitations when you’re ready to send out invitations

Here's how that email looks:

Send emails through an external tool

To send codes through an external tool

  1. Go to Manage Attendees
  2. Click Download a CSV template

4. Ignore the first column (access codes).

5. Use the names, emails and codes in whatever external tool you’d like to use.

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