These apply to all polls in the meeting. There are no recommendations on how these settings are used, as they depend on the data you are trying to get.

Options available in Settings -> Polls

Hide Results

This hides the poll results from attendee’s screens. This is good for preventing groupthink.

Don’t Allow Attendees To Change Their Answers

Once an attendee submits their answer, they are not allowed to change it. Attendees can see the poll results but can’t change their answers. Also good for preventing groupthink. 

If you disable either of those universal settings, you can still enable them on each poll separately.

Add a Thank You Message

This pops-up a note on attendee’s screens when they’ve finished all the active polls. 

Reset Browser for Next Attendee
On the Thank You message, include a button to log out. This is great for devices that will be shared by many attendees.

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