Before your event, you'll want to play around with MeetingPulse to see how your audience will experience it. We recommend doing the testing in the same meeting you'll use for your live event. Just reset the meeting to clear out your test data.

If you’ve got an event with multiple sessions, you may want to use the same meeting. To separate the sessions into different reports, end the meeting between sessions and reset it.

There are 2 places you can reset the meeting. Right after you end a meeting, you can reset it on the final page:

The easiest way to reset a meeting is from the My Meetings page. "Reset" will be available for meetings that have ended but not yet reset. 

Hover over the dots on the far right side and pick Reset from the drop-down.

The report from the previous meeting will be saved with a UTC timestamp.

This will take you right into a fresh version of your meeting. All your settings will be the same, but the attendee's data will be cleared out. You can adjust a reset meeting without it affecting the meeting reports from earlier.

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