Sometimes it’s helpful to have multiple people managing MeetingPulse during a meeting. To help you do this, you can invite any MeetingPulse admin in your organization to any meeting you’ve created. 

Within each meeting, each person you invite may have exactly 1 one role. The simplest way to handle this is to invite people to the “Manager” role, which gives them access to all the modules being used and the final report.

 You can find the options in Meeting Settings -> Settings -> Users and Roles


User can do everything a meeting owner can, except change meeting settings
Polls Manager
User can create, edit and remove polls and surveys, as well as launch or stop them
Polls Moderator
User can launch or stop existing polls and surveys, as well as toggle their visibility in Broadcast view. Poll results are not shown.
Questions Moderator
User can manage meeting questions by approving or rejecting them, editing them, or marking them as answered
Speaker View
User has access to the Speaker app mode that shows the moderated questions from the audience

If you have multiple admins in your organization, you can delegate different meeting tasks to each for the same meeting. 

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