MeetingPulse Polls Feature

  • A quick and simple way to learn about your audience -- choose from 6 different poll types
  • Shape your event in advance with pre-event polls
  • Choose when to push out each individual poll. Polls instantly appear on audience devices
  • Decide whether or not to 'freeze' voting, with dynamic or fixed results when attendees vote
  • Respond to and stimulate discussion with live poll creation
  • Check retention of information by quizzing your audience

Single answer polls
Participants select one answer from the options you set, providing you the ability to learn about your audience.
Multiple answer polls
If the topic is broad, give attendees the option to choose more than one answer
Preference order answer polls
Participants 'drag and drop' to rank the options according to their preferences. Use this poll to determine how attendees view and compare different options.
Image answer polls
Create a different look and feel to your presentation by making polls more dynamic with image answers.
Yes/No answer polls
Limit your audience to a 'Yes' or 'No' answer and get a more definitive response.
Rating polls
With these polls, each attendee selects one data point as their answer.
Net Promoter Score polls
NPS polls allow you to find out who is likely to recommend your product to other people
Free text Polls
Free text polls let you ask your audience open-ended questions and get more detailed answers. The responses can be downloaded as a CSV and are available in the report. Use a Word Cloud to display the key words in the responses.

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