There are 3 main options. We recommend testing them before your event.

Use multiple windows.

It’s often easiest to have MeetingPulse open in a browser while you have your presentation open in PowerPoint. There’s less of a delay when you switch to a real browser instead of the LivesSlides or Web View apps. Since you are probably used to working in the browser, there will be fewer chances for the software to behave in an unexpected way. This also allows you to use keyboard controls for switching between Polls and Questions from the audience. Plus, you can use this method with presentation tools that aren't PowerPoint.

There are 2 ways to do this, and they can be used together. 

  1. Include links to MeetingPulse in your slideshow.
    You usually will want to pick one of the broadcast views for showing your audience. When you're setting up your presentation, go into the open meeting to grab the Broadcast View links.
    During the meeting, when you're done with that screen, you can close the browser to get back to your presentation.  (You can also use ALT-TAB)
    Test it out beforehand so you're comfortable with how it works. 
  2. Use ALT-Tab to switch between browser and window
    You can also use the keyboard stroke ALT-TAB to switch between windows. Here you'll want to have the broadcast view open in a browser already.  Instead of clicking on a link in the presentation, you have the browser open already. At the appropriate time, you can use ALT-TAB to switch from your presentation to the browser.

Use the free Live Slides app.

It loads a specified webpage when you hit the “LiveSlide” in your presentation’s slide show. However, it doesn’t pre-load or remember your actions. If you move forward a slide and then move back, it has to reload the URL again. That means it’s mostly only good for the Broadcast view on meetings that are not password protected.

Use Microsoft’s Web View app.

It’s a free app you can download from Microsoft’s website. The benefit of the Web View app is that you can use the “preview” button to open the webpage before you start your presentation. This means you don't need to wait for the page to load in the middle of your presentation.

Security Control Errors

There are some pages in MeetingPulse which require authentication. For security purposes, we don't allow those pages to be embedded. You can still access them through using alt-tab, but neither the Web View nor the LiveSlides add-ins allow you to enter a password. 

This means none of the presenter view screens can be shared. It also means that you can't embed the Broadcast view if your meeting has a password or you use individual attendee codes. 

Additionally, because the Free Text poll Feed View shows user-identifiable information, we require authentication to broadcast it. None of the broadcast view polls can be embedded if you have a Feed View enabled for a free text poll.

Referencing a specific poll

Often, you'll want to look at the results of a particular poll during your presentation. You can do this by including the poll ID in the URL you open. In order to get the poll ID, you need to start the poll (although you can then immediately stop it.)

  1. Start the poll
  2. Click on Launch Polls Broadcast View
  3. Use the arrow keys to move between polls until you get to the one you want.
  4. Copy the URL on that screen; it includes the poll ID.

Once you have that URL, you can put it into your Live Slides or Web View add-in, or put it in its own browser window. You can also grab the URL of specific questions in a similar way.

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